19 Male From Spain: Seeking Female Or Trans Scat Dating

Hey im a scatboy from spain looking for a girl or a transexual for having free scat sex or scat play.
I eat shit, drink pee, i haven’t tried vomit yet. My Instagram is @Scatboy_19 and my kik is Scatboy_19
So thats it, now i’ll explain it in spanish for those who can’t understand

Hola soy un joven español de 19 años y estoy buscando una chica de cualquier edad o transexual para jugar juntos con la mierda o el pis. Puedo comer mierda, beber pis, y el vómito aun no lo he intentado. Si quisieras contactar conmigo mi kik es @Scatboy_19 y mi instagram es @Scatboy_19.

  • 19 Male From Spain
  • Looking For Female Or Trans Scat Partner
  • risketoscatorce14@gmail.com

27 Male From Asheville, NC, US: Looking For Female Scat Partner

Looking to explore this fetish. Discovering it over 10 years ago and really looking to make dreams come true. Interested in casual chatting and play if possible. I want to make a safe space for exploring desires. Friendly, respectful and clean. I love all sexual preferences and body types. I find pleasure in pleasing others.

Let’s make each other’s sexual dreams a reality.

  • 27 Male From Asheville, NC, US
  • Seeking Female
  • Jifarolore@yahoo.com

20 Male From South Carolina, US: Seeking Females Into Scat Dating

Looking for women who don’t mind scat/piss in the South Carolina area. Even better if you live close to Columbia. I’m really trying to look for someone I can have a great relationship with in and out of the bedroom/bathroom.

  • 20 Male From US
  • Seeking Females Who Are Into Scat From South Carolina area.
  • terrahuskymuddypaws@Gmail.com

36 Male From Skagit Valley Washington, US: Seeking Male Scat Partners For Fun

Hello fellas. I am a gay man in Skagit Valley, just north of Seattle, who is looking to turn fantasy into reality. I want to explore different aspects of scat and shit play, specifically shit fucking. You can find me on different platforms if you want to start a conversation.

Kik: Haus_of_Obsidia
FetLife: lmtdeditionfag
scatboi: obsidianbutterfly
Diaper-Bois: MicahNathaniel1982
kinksterly.com: lmtdeditionfag

  • 36 Male From United States
  • Seeking Gay Men For Shit Play
  • diaperedfaggot@hotmail.com

23 Male From Portland, Oregon: Looking For Dominate Female Scat Partner

I’m 23 year old, submissive. looking for a girl who’s into scat play who’ll make me her scat slave. I love being tied up, I love eating ass. If anyone from Portland Oregon is into scat hmu 503-732-4801 send me a pic and I’ll send one back.

  • 23 Male Looking For Dominate Female
  • Portland, Oregon
  • 503-732-4801
  • 95dylanfleck@gmail.com