Male Seeking Chubby Male For Gay Scat: United States

I’ve been fascinated with scat since I was very young but ’til this day I haven’t been lucky enough to meet anyone to play shit games with. I’ve eaten my own and smeared it on my body too and would like to experience it with a fellow filthy fat guy.

  • Frank Vagler
  • Chubby Male Seeking Chubby Male For Scat Play
  • 55 Years Old
  • Gay Scat
  • Location Unknown, United States

Wealthy Male Looking For Young Scat Girl (Human Toilet) To Relocate To Berlin, Germany

I’m a very wealthy guy nearing 40. I want to find a young girl (teenage or early twenties) to live with me and become my personal toilet. In return for your services, you’ll want for nothing. Must be willing to relocate in Berlin and travel with me when necessary.

  • Wealthy Man Almost 40 Years Old
  • Seeing 18-25 Female To Be His Human Toilet
  • Would Like Them To Live With Him
  • Must Be Willing To Relocate To Berlin, Germany and Travel With Him
  • ADMIN NOTE: Please do your research before agreeing to such a life commitment for everyone’s safety.

Male 70 Years Old: Looking For Friends Torrington, Connecticut

Hello. My user name is RTRG. I am new to this site and hope to find an appropriate partner. Be aware I no longer drive so a local partner would be preferred. As for who I am, 70 years old, beard, nice guy, easy to get along with, not pushy, friendly. Hope you are the same. For me there are no $s involved. Sorry if I offended you. I say this because of an ad I saw on this site. I am looking for real friends and partners. I am in TORRINGTON, CT. Thanks.

  • Male,  70 Years Old
  • Looking For Friends
  • Torrington, Connecticut
  • Seeking Female For Piss, Shit, Etc.

30 Year Old Male: Seeking Woman Near Palm Springs, California

I really need a scat girlfriend.
For many many years i thought i was alone until i started noticing ads for people with my same fetish.
So now im looking for a woman who can be my best friend and partner.
Southern california.
Near palm springs

  • 30 Year Old Male Seeking Woman For Scat
  • Near Palm Springs, California

Young Black Male: Looking For Larger Lady In New York, NY

Young dude in NYC looking for a sexy and beautiful larger woman to hopefully explore this fetish with. I’m mainly into receiving, not really into giving but I could be open to it if the situation feels right.

Please do not respond if you do not fit the description.

  • James Kenner
  • 25 Year Old
  • Black Male
  • Seeking Larger Woman In NYC

Female Looking To Be Used: Unknown Location

I am a little pig with a toilet for my favorite place to get abused or anything taboolos with my owner or strangers my owner invited….
I want to meet a similar group or organization where I can get totally and dirty usage of my holes and my name will be shown clearly and adress , so we will have a big horde of perverts standing in lines waiting to abuse me ❤ Will travel to all of the cities for a pigtoilet to serve in.
Or house call at my place…

  • Marie-Louise Schweinsau
  • Female, Looking To Be Used
  • Location Unknown