18 Year Old Male Furry From US: Seeking Trans, Femboy Or Power Bottom

I’m looking to be someone’s toilet mate. If you live in Fargo ND. And are 19-25 send me a text on telegram @Dustinthederg! Or on discord at Wolf Feather#4708! Tell me that you’re from here in the text!

  • 18 Year Old Furry Male From US
  • Seeking A Trans, Femboy Or Power Bottom Ass To Play With
  • Dakotameadows2000@gmail.com

(Male?) Toilet Slave From US: Seeking Dom Female, Male Or Couple

Toilet slave seeking Dom female, male or couple to use and film me for their distribution benefit. Athletic, clean, healthy and available most any weekday.

  • Toilet Slave (male?) seeking dom female, male or couple to use them.
  • Filming allowed.
  • Athletic, healthy and clean.
  • cfexpo@yahoo.com

60 Year Old Male From Germany: Seeking Submissive Scat Girl 35+

2019: experienced traveler (60) in Germany needs dirty submissive caviar lady, with smelling hairy pussy, 35+, slim to full-skinny, medium-sized, healthy, experienced as fucking slut. Dates possible in southern Germany.

  • 60 Year Old Male From Germany
  • Seeking Female Submissive With Hairy Pussy, 35+ Years Old.
  • extrem.er@yahoo.com

28 Year Old Male “Genderqueer” From US: Seeking To Eat Scat While Wearing Latex

I’ve wanted to try this for a while now, but I’ve not had much luck with this particular kink. Mostly just looking to be used as a human toilet while in latex. I would be interested in finding a long term partner who would be into this kind of thing as well.

I’m a 28 y/o male/genderqueer person, average/slim build 6 foot without heels. I’m usually a shy and reserved person, and i’m kind of socially awkward as well.

If any of this interests you please contact me at gummiblack@gmail.com

  • 28 Year Old “Gender Queer” Male
  • Looking To Be Used As A Human Toilet While Wearing Latex
  • gummiblack@gmail.com

32 Male From United States: Seeking Scat Wife – 24/7 SCAT LIFESTYLE

I’m looking for a 24/7 Scat Wife to marry. You’ll only need a toilet for puking and diarrhea, the rest you may do on me. I seek a woman who will piss and shit on me whenever possible, and allow me to do the same with her. I want to drink girl pee by the gallon or with every meal. I love Golden showers, even if I’m fully clothed. I’d like a girl who’d intentionally pee and/or poop in her pants while sitting in my lap watching tv or something. I LIKE BREAST MILK TOO WHEN WE WANT A BABY. Take a dump on my chest and smear it all over me, or you.

  • 32 Male Benjamin From United States
  • Looking For 24/7 Scat Wife
  • He Wants To Be A Toilet For Everything Except: Puking And Diarrhea
  • dfrotc@aol.com

38 Male From Netherlands: Looking For Female To Feed Him

Looking for a nice big ass to use my mouth talking to me telling me how and when to swallow. And licking your asshole clean even make videos . I’m new to this and looking for someone with the same interest.

  • 38 Year Old Male From Netherlands
  • Looking For Female To Feed Him Scat And Lick Her Clean
  • quincya8@gmail.com

looking for any sort of scat play. living in Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany but also willing to travel

Just a regular 23 years old guy, white Caucasian, who’s into dirty play with no taboo, inexperienced because I never met the right person, but very willing to do.

  • 23 Year Old Male
  • From┬áBaden-Wurttemberg, Germany
  • Looking For Female Scat Partner.
  • basterpstra99@gmail.com

20 Year Old Man From United Kingdom: Wants To Watch Female Give Birth To Poop

Hi there.

20 Year Old Male looking for a girl who likes to poop with an audience.Not into much messiness and smearing or anything, but I’d love to watch and hear you grunting and straining as you squeeze out your fat log while I cheer you on and coach you.

Got a fetish for bloated bellies and constipation – My dream scenario would be to let a big shit boulder build inside you for a few days and then work with you to birth it; you pushing and me rubbing your belly and coaching.

Beyond my ideal scenario though I’m pretty easy going I generally want to meet new people! It’d be nice if something more serious sprang from these interactions, a relationship with like-minded people would be a dream come true so that’s definitely something I’m looking for.

Looking for people who live in the UK, preferably in the Derbyshire/East Midlands area but pretty open to just kik/snapchat/discord messaging and sending pictures and videos if there’s a longer distance before we plan meeting up.

Look forward to meeting you.

  • Ronan 20 Year Old Male
  • Located In United Kingdom
  • Into bloated bellies and constipation. Wants to watch a woman shit.
  • ronanandcole@gmail.com

37 Male From New York, United States: I Love Cum Squirt And Piss

I am looking for others to explore all the fun ways to enjoy
Squirt piss and cum.
Us some adult beverages. Plenty of water
Then we pee crystal clear streams of awesome pee
As we make each other squirt and cum

  • 37 Male
  • From Western, New York, United States
  • Looking For Female Partner Who Will Piss And Cum For Him
  • cockrobbin@protonmail.com