23 male New York usa Looking for scat play with female. Bbw preferred but I’m pretty easy going.

I have a little experience with scat play involving eating a woman’s scat. I would love to experiment more and have some hot scat fun or even a relationship. I’m willing to experiment with males but I would prefer to find a female partner


Sub Dom kink

The most signature smell of another human beyond sweet sweat is the toasting steaming pile of rot, in which we can have lot to play with. I dont know how well i would do with it in ym mouth….i do know…if the energy is right, if my bloods is rushing submissively enough, i may be able to clear whole loads.

My fantasy is to be utterly and purely dominated. Or to do the opposite. I want my partner to empower me with showing me how much they will struggle to literally take my shit. I want to feel Surrendur, and exhilaration and serenity and misery and enslavement all in the same moments as i am torchered with a load of organic and challenging shit duct taped over my mouth, while i am challenged to take the torcher and eventually breathe…im absolutely sure i can submit a rush enough of pain to take in however much you need me to, and will continue to eat your steaming shit if it may be the only way to eventually maybe pleasure you in a way or two. I



Looking for scat dating

hi! I am a very hot young French, with lots of experiences for scato plans without taboos. I can be a donor or a recipient, or both. I’m looking for women or trans! I love the scat universe. I just arrived in Groningen for my studies and I don’t really have a way to travel far. I am ready to take hotel rooms to welcome you if necessary! If you have any pictures of you I am very interested. I’ll send you some of me. A tres vite I hope!