48 Male From US: Seeking Dominate Male Owner / User

Hi all,

I’m a sissy who loves to be a toilet for men. I’m looking for men who are into full service use of a toilet sissy like me.

I am submissive and would like to find someone who wants to use my mouth regularly/daily as their toilet. I eat your shit, drink your piss, and enjoy the humiliation from the experience. I also would like a man who is willing to share me with others, having me drink from other men or eat from them.

I live in the Atlanta area, but am willing to travel or relocate for the right man.

  • 48 Male Sissy
  • Atlanta, Georgia Area, Will Relocate
  • Wants Dominate Owner For Scat Play
  • tvsubmissiveatl@gmail.com

23 Male “Nerdy Guy” From Worcester County, Massachusetts USA

Trying to see if there are any girls into scat in my area. Not exactly the type of thing I think I could put on a normal dating site. I’ve never had scat sex before, but I really want to try it. Fetishes include diaper/panty pooping, poopy anal/vaginal sex, and eating partner’s scat. Looking for girls aged 18-30, BBW girls a plus but I’m not too picky on looks. Interested in both hook ups, or relationship whichever is desired by you. Also I likely cannot host, so having your own place would be a plus. This is a real shot in the dark, but it would mean the world to me if I heard back from someone. Much love and have a great day!

  • Jesse, A 23 Year Old Male Seeking Female Scat Partner
  • Dirty Diaper / Panty Pooping / Sex Involving Scat / Eating
  • Looking For A Female With Her Own Place If Possible
  • jrvanwiebt@gmail.com

Looking For A Woman In US Or Ohio For Mutual Scat Play

Hi there, I’d like to get to know you and see where things could lead, if anywhere at all. Contact me if you are interested, thanks:) And I am in Cincinnati, OH. I am 45 years old. I am looking for women into scat and pee play. Anywhere in US is fine, but if your in Ohio, that’s even better:) I hope to hear from an interested woman. Thanks.


  • 45 Year Old Male
  • Cincinnati, OH or in US
  • Looking For Female Only
  • brianr727272@gmail.com