19 Female From New York, NY, United States

A 19 year old female from New York, NY, United States is looking for a male to receive donations in exchange for scat play. Please leave your contact info for her to contact you.

  • 19 Years Old
  • Female
  • New York, NY, United States
  • Provides: Donation Based Scat Play

28 thoughts on “19 Female From New York, NY, United States

  1. Sean

    Hey, how’s it going? Heh I’m really new to this, though was wondering if you would be available to meet within the next week or 2.



  2. Chris


  3. Kevin

    Interested. contact me with details

  4. Aaron

    Interested. You’ll enjoy me. Good looking with a weird fetish

  5. Stephen

    I’ve never done this before but I’m very interested.

  6. James

    Hey Located in Brooklyn NY. Message me here and would be glad to send you my contact info. Would like to set up something regular as soon as po$$ible.

  7. Peter

    Hi, i interested in meeting, contact me on mail.

  8. WIll

    Would like to meet ASAP

  9. Okay, I am here now so you can stop searching. I started young posing in front of a mirror then in front of horny girls in my neighborhood. You know how girls are at 15. One track mind. Sitting on my face and peeing then pooping. I had to act like I hated eating their poo but come on, I was in heaven and going places. Now, you and I shall discover the ultimate when we dirty lap dance each other. Or, my tongue so deep in your butthole, I can touch your warm turd. Or, finger fuck my hot little butthole and watch my beautiful poo come sliding out into your hand. Or, you beg me to fuck the shit out of your ass and then I do with your doo-doo. Oh there’s no limit. So, let’s talk about the logistics and other things. 415 377 4442 anytime.

  10. Kick

    Yep I’m totally interested. I’d like to meet up. 4048383646

  11. Joshua JG Gamache


  12. Why is my post still awaiting moderation? This was months ago. Come on people. What’s going on here?



  14. Cheikh Loum


  15. william

    lets’s have a date . email me and have my contact

  16. Kristofer

    Krayz280@gmail.com VERY INTERESTED

  17. Mac Kumar

    mackumar1010@gmail.com – interested contact me

  18. Nick

    Hey I’m going to Atlantic City on the 9th of September and I’m staying over for a few days would you like to meet up and have some scat fun! Once you contact me I will send a pic back and tell you all the information. Or if you would like to meet up in NY that is fine I’m from Ny please get back to me ! Hope to here from u!

  19. nick

    hi how are u def interested

  20. Nick

    hey if youre interested, kik me – loverofscat

  21. Liam

    Send me rates

  22. Tbird

    Oh haay =) ………do you know about coffee enemas?

  23. Kristopher

    I am interested; contact me if you want to chat or meet up

  24. etrofr

    interested in getting together let me know if you would like to

  25. Joshparty

    Hello, very interested! Contact me at partyjosh518@yahoo.com

  26. Daniel

    Hi, I’m daniel Latino with 23 years and I will like to start in this scat sex with someone young ass me… I’m in NYC, I would like to see a picture of you pooping

  27. Tom

    Hope to meet you in NY soon to have a kinky time… best regards

  28. Nick

    I am in new York I would love to get together with you. We could get together as soon as possible I’d love to have some scat fun with you. 516-547-2392

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