20 Year Old Man From United Kingdom: Wants To Watch Female Give Birth To Poop

Hi there.

20 Year Old Male looking for a girl who likes to poop with an audience.Not into much messiness and smearing or anything, but I’d love to watch and hear you grunting and straining as you squeeze out your fat log while I cheer you on and coach you.

Got a fetish for bloated bellies and constipation – My dream scenario would be to let a big shit boulder build inside you for a few days and then work with you to birth it; you pushing and me rubbing your belly and coaching.

Beyond my ideal scenario though I’m pretty easy going I generally want to meet new people! It’d be nice if something more serious sprang from these interactions, a relationship with like-minded people would be a dream come true so that’s definitely something I’m looking for.

Looking for people who live in the UK, preferably in the Derbyshire/East Midlands area but pretty open to just kik/snapchat/discord messaging and sending pictures and videos if there’s a longer distance before we plan meeting up.

Look forward to meeting you.

  • Ronan 20 Year Old Male
  • Located In United Kingdom
  • Into bloated bellies and constipation. Wants to watch a woman shit.
  • ronanandcole@gmail.com

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