German Woman 48 Years Old: Submissive Single Woman Wants To Be Your Human Toilet

Hello, my name is Anja. I am a 48 years old bisexual and very submissive single woman.
I am looking for dominant men, couples and women (younger/older) who are interested to use me as living toilet.
I love scat and piss and i want eat your scat and drink you piss.
I want smeared with scat at the whole body and i want fully covered with scat.
I am a real submissive woman and i want to be your primitive latrine.
You can use me extreme as slave and human toilet.

I live in Germany but I am willing to travel for real dominant and extreme men, couples and women. I also would like a man, couple or woman who is willing to share me with others

  • Anja
  • 48 Year Old Bisexual Woman
  • Wants To Be Real Human Toilet
  • Willing To Travel
  • Germany Based

16 thoughts on “German Woman 48 Years Old: Submissive Single Woman Wants To Be Your Human Toilet

  1. Sunny

    Access me at 0092 314 5088258

    • Shanique

      Hit me up on Facebook

  2. david bryant

    Hi, I am a 63 year old male from USA looking for a pee/scat partner. I love drinking piss directly from pussies and want a girl that I can shit into her mouth and have her shit into mine my tel is 609 234-5356, thank you.

  3. william

    let’s make a deal. email me

  4. johannes

    I would love to be that guy that uses you as a toilet, I am 20, I hope you like me.

  5. Krazeek

    Can you travel to uk to be my messy shit slave

  6. Mark

    How can i meet you

  7. Bishop Bledsoe

    Hey there! I live in Berlin and would love to try scat for my first time

  8. Anthony

    Hello I’m interested in having the nastiest scat fun wit you contact me at 13103404266

  9. Hit me up on Facebook

  10. Ivan

    If you are serious I will use you to the extreme. I live in Toronto, Canada. Send me email if you are interested in getting what you deserve.

  11. Eskidji666

    Hello Anja,
    43 years old male. Located in albania now. If you really interest please contact with me.
    We may organize a meeting for a better conversation.

  12. André

    Hello from madeira island. I want to be iniciated by someone with experience

  13. Tbird

    Hi, yer cute! =) want to chat? I’m a cute blonde musician boy.

  14. Drew & Maddie

    We are a scat couple she is transgender he is a very cool open minded man we love to smell and lick dirty ass as well as he loves to poop his pants and will eat brown love as well as drink hot piss!

  15. Hit meup at I want to use you badly

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